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Katie Bowers

Katie Bowers
I was born in Hillingdon Hospital in 1986 and have been a music lover pretty much ever since.

When I first got involved with Hospital Radio in 2007 I saw this as an opportunity to cheer up the patients whilst enjoying myself at the same time. Since April 2011 I have presented a show on Saturday morning from 10-12 consisting of many exciting music related features, which hopefully keeps the patients listening. Prior to that, I co-hosted on the Sunday and Wednesday night request shows, still standing-in when I'm needed.

I also help out where possible on the non presenting side with the Radio Hillingdon Roadshows, I even brought it to my wedding in 2012, and by adding up the Radio Hillingdon requests and seeing who is the most popular. It does vary from week to week!

I have a massive range of musical tastes from 60s to the 00s. So finding what music Radio Hillingdon has to offer, still surprises me!

Aside being a volunteer at Radio Hillingdon I work at Heathrow Airport dealing with imports and exports.

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